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*** Guild Wars 2 Server Choice: BLACKGATE ***
The official choice for our guild's server in Guild Wars 2 is going to be Blackgate. During the beginning of launch, server transfers are going to be free, so don't worry too much if it says the server is full.
Disbanding As We Speak [Bye]
Disbanding As We Speak [Bye] is a great guild managed by close friends. We are a fun-loving, mature guild that currently houses ~35 active members and are wishing to take in more positive, respectful members to make for a better playing experience.

The guild is friendly and helpful to one another, and will not tolerate other people putting down others in any way. Disbanding As We Speak [Bye] has a sweet looking emblem, upgrades concerning the Guild Stash and other benefits, and an open mind to the game.

Guild Upgrades:



Recent Activity:
  • GW2 is Here!! : Teaming up for Map Completion, Dungeons, etc.
  • Every Evening : A Guild Outing to anything that anyone might need!